Cornerstone loading very slow

Hey Rad,

thanks for your reply.
I have asked hosting support if they can do anything.
I will let you know!


Hey Rad,

here is the answer of the host-support:
_Unfortunately, the forum entry you sent to us has no relevance to our setup, as php’s entry is assumed to be a FastCGI module. However, we use mod_php for PHP execution

So the thread Jumar has posted before does not work.
How can we solve this problem?


Hello there,

Thanks for letting us know your server setup.

Unfortunately, going further with the investigation is outside of our scope as this is already server related than a theme one. I suggest you contact your hosting provider to optimize Apache web server’s performance. Just FYI, that the mod_php only is an Apache module that allows Apache to interpret PHP files of our theme. To shorten this up, Apache just retrieves these files so it can be loaded into your browser.

Let us know how it goes with the hosting provider. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Jumar,

thans for your reply.
the hoster told me now that they are using apache and NGINX.
Could this combination cause this problem?
Why takes it so long loading the script?
I’m desperate with the issue …


HI there,

It could be a reason since it requires non-standard configuration unlike with just Apache. But I couldn’t provide any further information as I’m not familiar with that kind of setup. I personally recommend getting another host (like trials or just 1 month subscription) and clone your site there and see if that improves it, but make sure it only uses Apache webserver without NGINX proxy.


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