Cornerstone loaded on every page


Is Cornerstone loaded on every page, or only on those that were created with Cornerstone?
If is loaded on every page, how can I configure it to be loaded only on those pages that were created with Cornerstone?
My concern is about performance.

Thank you!

Hello @amebadiseno,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Cornerstone is an essential tool to run X Theme as bunch of shortcodes are built into the page builder. When you load a page that’s not designed with Cornerstone, only those components will load that required to run X Theme.

Cornerstone is not a resource hungry tool and won’t slow down the performance of server and load time of website until and unless you are using heavy media files. However if you would like to optimize the load time, I suggest you to please take a look at our performance optimization guide:


Thank you very much Prasant!

You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


If I use Elementor on some of my pages, will that hinder X theme in any way?

Hi There,

The question you asked is out of our theme support scope. If you have any concern and issue please feel free to open a new ticket.


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