Cornerstone keeps loading


I have seen several threads on this. Usually one way to figure out things is checking the console and this is what i found:

cs.js:28476 Uncaught TypeError: $el.csCodeEditor is not a function
at Class.didInsertElement (cs.js:28476)
at Class.superWrapper [as didInsertElement] (cs-vendor.js:25144)
at Class.trigger (cs-vendor.js:44037)
at Class.superWrapper [as trigger] (cs-vendor.js:25144)
at Renderer.didInsertElement (cs-vendor.js:14914)
at Renderer_dispatchLifecycleHooks [as dispatchLifecycleHooks] (cs-vendor.js:14826)
at Renderer_revalidateTopLevelView [as revalidateTopLevelView] (cs-vendor.js:14808)
at Class.exports.default._emberMetalMixin.Mixin.create._Mixin$create.revalidate (cs-vendor.js:43244)
at invoke (cs-vendor.js:1335)
at Queue.flush (cs-vendor.js:1399)

I don’t know exactly what that means but I hope it can help putting you in the right direction to tell me what I’m missing here.

I’m having same problem right now

I figured out that it was a conflict with another plugin: when I disabled Hummingbird (WPMU DEV) I could edit again.

Glad that you have managed to find the culprit.

Kindly check the article below:

And follow the steps mention there.

If you still have problems kindly open up a separate thread and give us the URL/User/Pass of your website using the Secure Note feature of the thread to follow up.

Do not add the secure note here is the original poster of the thread will also see the information.

Thank you.

Hi, there!
Caching plugins are actually a problem if working with Cornerstone.
Beware of this also: if you ever edit the .htaccess file with caching instructions, Cornerstone will not work!
So, if that’s the case, make a copy of your .htaccess file, rename it and delete every instruction apart from the standard WordPress lines (and those https-related)
Then replace the old .htaccess file when finished.

Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information. :slight_smile:

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