Cornerstone Error - Preview Unresponsive

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Having the common issue of Cornerstone unable to render preview due to unresponsive iFrame. I’ve followed all the steps listed here that I’ve been able to figure out: No success. This issue began some time after installing ConvertKit’s plug-in, but I’ve disabled and deleted it. Will post log-in credentials in reply:

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

Please provide the correct login credentials, I tried different combinations and still the same.


Hi Rad,

Edited the secure note with different log-in credentials. Not sure why the originals weren’t working, but I was able to log-on to Wordpress and I just created a new FTP account with those credentials above. Thank you!

Hi there,

I have purged your server cache, disabled couple of plugins (social warfare) and then I was able to load your editor (see secure note).

Could you please try testing it again on your end and see if that helps.



Yep, it works! I disabled all my plugins and used Wordpress’s purge all option several times before and that didn’t solve the problem - any idea what might be different now?

mmm… That might be a combination of the cache or plugin conflict.

Anyway if you encounter the same problem please purge all the caches, then disable all plugins except the Cornerstone. And check the case. If it is working then enable the plugins one by one and check.

It can be that in some rare cases the combination of the plugin may cause the issue. But usually, it is related to the heavy caching of the server and the cache plugins.

Thank you.

Thank you! Appreciate all your help!

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

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