Cornerstone Error -...because the name is already in use

Need some help with this one…

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 0 of the file /home/bethunde/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/classes/classic/builder/class-shortcode-generator.php. Error message: Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Shortcode_Generator, because the name is already in use

I’ve updated the test site, everything is fine their, then when I move it to the live site, I get the site “Experiencing tec difficulties” and Wordpress sending me this error above.

Any ideas how to fix this…

Hello @dje42,

Thanks for writing in!

I see you have Pro Theme license. If the error is showing up on a website that’s using Pro Theme then please make sure that you haven’t installed Cornerstone plugin and please delete the same from Plugins > Installed Plugins.

In case error is showing on X Theme website then please try to completely delete X Theme and Cornerstone and reinstall X Theme. I suggest you to please take a look at our Theme installation guide to learn more.

If issue is still there please share website login details in secure note for us to take a closer look.


Ok now… I was able to fix this by deleting the contents of the Cornerstone directory, (had to leave the empty directory there) and reinstalling the site again.
I was using cPanel’s Softaculous to push the Test site to the live site.
Thx for your help,
ps. was not using Pro for that site.

Hey @dje42,

It’s good to know that you have figured out to resolve your issue.
Please do not hesitate to create a new thread if you need anything else.

Best Regards.

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