Cornerstone dosent work after moving website with Duplicator

please can you help me

i moved my site from

i moved the X License (about the licene Manager)
so it looks very good
the site is well

but I cant edit sites with Cornerstone
or i cant start cornerstone at all

for exampel when i start cornerstone or editing a site the URL shows this


i tried on a site where cornerstone works well, and i see there was an X in the URL

so i set the X in the URL

but it doesent work at all
it doesent start Cornerstone

by the way
i dont like to upgrade to 6.1.6 and 3.1.6
because in other installations it works well with 6.04 and 3.04

thanks a lot for youre answer

Hey Helmut,

It sounds like you have not updated everything in your database to use the new domain yet. Please follow the proper migration procedure in our Cornerstone Migration article. Pay close attention to Migrating your database.


Hi Christian

thank you for youre answer
but i removed my site with the plugin Duplicator, (DB Migration is there intigrated)
its allready done and now i have only one Site the testside is overwriten

and all is working very well
without strating cornerstone
do have any idear to solve this Problem

thank you

If you’ve done the database migration suggested in the article I’ve linked to, it’s most likely you have not included the serialized post meta data during migration. Please give us WP admin and cPanel access in a Secure Note so we could check what’s happening and also check if the builder’s data is still there in your database. Please note that if Cornerstone’s builder data is gone, you will need to rebuild your pages.


Hey Helmut,

I’m not sure what you want to do right now. If you mean reinstall X in your new domain which is and validate it. you actually can. Your license permits you to validate a live and staging domain. See for more details.

I was expecting to login to and also check its database by logging in to your cPanel to check if Cornerstone data is still there. Are you not continuing with this?

Please also change the credentials you posted and make sure you post sensitive information in a Secure Note next time. That is for your privacy and security.


Hi @hkirchner,

After flushing the permalinks, it seems to be working now. I’m on Windows 10 (tested on chrome, edge, and firefox). Could you try it again? Please clear your cache before testing.


Thank you so much it works

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @hkirchner,

Could you try it as well? I did the same and it’s loading okay. But please clear your browser cache as it’s not taking effect instantly.


thank you very much it works

You’re most welcome!

Hello Rad

i have a problem to display 2 columns

if i navigate a ruprik
it display one column in on
if i scroll a little bit than it goes to 2 columns

it works with Chrome-Browser

thank you for answer

Hi Helmut,

I’m not sure what do you mean by "if i navigate a ruprik"? what does ruprik means exactly?

Do you have a specific page URL or a screenshot showing this issue?

I’ve checked your homepage and it’s displaying almost the same on both browsers.


the first picture is the problem when i click the topic “Betonsanierung” first
the 2 columns are in one Column

the second picture shows the right 2 Column after scrolling a little bit with Mouse

on the chrome Browser and Safari it works

the sec


To fix it, you can add this in Theme Options > CSS

#betonsanierung {

Hope that helps.

thank you so much Paul :-)))

We are glad we were able to help, you are welcome :slight_smile:

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