Cornerstone doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to edit my pages but every time I try to use with Cornerstore, it doesn’t upload the page and this message appear, “A conflict on the front end of your site has prevented the preview from loading”. Customizer works fine and my website uploads fine. It’s just Cornerstone does not let me work on my pages. I’ve got this trouble from the last X Theme update. Any suggestion?

Hi there @anny_sunny77,

Please check the following:

  • Are you using a caching plugin? If so, please clear the cache and deactivate the caching plugin for testing purposes.
  • If you are using a child theme. Please switch to the parent theme this allows us to rule out any issues with the child theme.
  • If you’ve added custom CSS or JS. Please remove it for testing purposes, any small snytax errors will prevent Cornerstone from loading.
  • Finally, please try deactivating all plugins apart from Cornerstone and see if it loads correctly then. If it does, reactivate the plugins one by one until it breaks again and then plugin “ex” causes the issue.


Hi @Jack,
Thank you for your answer. It was a caching plugin that was causing the problem. It seems weird to me because I had that plugin and Cornerstone for a while and never had an issue before the new update. Now, should I try to install a different plugin to clear the cache? I need to have a clear cache plugin for my site. Do you know a plugin that doesn’t cause a conflict with Cornerstone?
Thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi There,

What’s the caching plugin that you’re having this issue? We also have a guide on how to increase the performance of your site that you may want to check (


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