Cornerstone does not work with WPML anymore after upgrading to the latest version

After upgrading Cornerstone to the latest version, it stopped working with multiple issues:

  • Admin > Cornerstone > Cornerstone returns 404 error
  • Admin > Cornerstone > Theme Options returns 404 error
  • “Edit with Cornerstone” returns 404 error

Testing setup:

WP 6.1.1
Theme X: 10.1.7
Cornerstone: 7.1.7
WPML Multilingual CMS: 4.6.0
WPML String Translation: 3.2.4

All other plugins are deactivated.

Before upgrading, everything worked OK.

I noticed that in the case of the first two bullets above, the URL the Cornerstone is landing at is:

Instead of the usual (pre-update or when WPML is deactivated):

Can you please help me out?
Looking forward to hearing from you.


some-subfolder is the language code right? Or this entire site in a subfolder? It should be forcing you to not be in a language sub folder, but I might be missing some links I will check. When you manually remove that subfolder from the URL and go straight to /cornerstone does it work fine?

Hi @Charlie,

some-subfolder is not a language folder but the subfolder in which are all WP files.

The site’s root for the default language is
Language is located in

WP Admin URL is at

This is configurated in Admin > Settings > General:
WordPress Address (URL):
Site Address (URL):

Yes, manually removing the subfolder name from the URL works fine.

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Okay, I actually didn’t know you could do that with the WordPress dashboard. I’ll go through this scenario thanks for bringing this to our attention.

When can we expect it to be fixed?

We have quite a few WPML + Cornerstone/X sites waiting on hold for their updates because of this issue.

Kind regards.

This was a quick one as I just needed to grab home url and not the site url. So you can expect it in 6.1.9.

Today we updated Cornerstone to 7.1.8 and X to 10.1.8.

Do you mean Cornerstone 7.1.9?

Is this a matter of days?

Hello @dasbios,

Sorry for the confusion. Charlie meant to say Pro 6.1.9. Since you are using the X theme, expect to have the Cornerstone 7.19 and X theme 10.1.9 on the next update release which could be on Monday or so.

Please bear with us.

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Thank you for the information.

You are most welcome.

We updated to the latest Cornerstone v7.1.9 that came out yesterday.

Now it works!

Thank you for your quick response and fix.
Have a great day.

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You are most welcome.