Cornerstone: Documentation seems remarkably dissimilar to function

This might prove to be the stupidest question you get all day, but why is it that when I watch this documentation video about Cornerstone, it looks and functions nothing like what actually appears on my dev installation?

(Dev link provided in secure note.)


Hi there,
First time posting here. :slight_smile:
Cornerstone was recently updated. As far as I can tell, the documentation is outdated.

Hi @chadfahlman, Thanks for helping… We really appreciate that you are helping us.

Hi @ruskintech, Yes, our documentation is quite outdated due to the rapid updates of X and cornerstone.

I will forward this to head staff so that they could look on it…

Thank you for understanding.

But, surely you haven’t removed most of the functionality? That’s how my Cornerstone admin looks. What’s left certainly doesn’t need a video. Unless of course I’m totally misunderstanding how it works (always a possibility). if I click on “Cornerstone” under the ‘X’ in the menu, there’s just a single page of relatively minor settings. Certainly not any advanced drag-and-drop layout designer.


What you are referring to is Cornerstone settings page.

The Cornerstone Page builder with drag and drop options can be found in Edit Page or Edit Post Pages

Click on this, then click on Edit With Cornerstone

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