Cornerstone and pro performance (cont.)

hi alexander,
this topic was closed:
my provider took over 10 days to reply…

here is the latest machine translation of his reply:
I have clarified in several places what the possibilities are. Unfortunately, nothing can be done here except to optimize Cornerstone internally. It is because of this only js file which takes longer until it is fetched. The Wordpress information is not useful because all options except Keep-Alive are already optimal.

and more information from another topic here in the forums:
Ajax requests depend on Keep-Alive connection, especially for Wordpress that has built-in heartbeat and admin-ajax. So it’s not just about Cornerstone, it’s about all scripts that will utilize Wordpress ajax.
What they are doing is optimizing it and trying to minimize the processing and resources being used. If it’s their rule then I think there’s nothing we can do about it but move to the different host. Plus, they mentioned that you’re on a shared hosting, and it’s understandable that they should limit your site’s capability since multiple sites are running on same allocated resources. Shared hosting is usually slow due to limitations, you can’t even increase the memory limit.
Please check this

thanks for your help! kai

Hey Kai,

Cornerstone and Pro has been tested even in shared hosting environments and it works. Aside from server resources, it’s performance could also be affected by server configurations like CPU usage limits, connection limits, etc. Can you tell us where you’re hosted so we just have a general idea of what it offers?

I also would like to recommend that you test out other hosts especially managed WordPress hosts. Here’s a guide. Other hosts offer free dev sites like Pantheon so you might want to test that out.


hi christian,
thanks for your reply!
i am sorry but this information is scattered among different threads by now. i opened a new one just for this problem and it has been closed because of inactivity for a little over 1o days.
i have various installations of x and pro on various servers at different hosters. only on one everything runs slow but that was to be expected. a cheap hoster here in europe: strato. i moved away from them.
but this one is hosted at in switzerland and otherwise really fast. only this issue with loading cornerstone - especially the header builder - has a problem. it loads for several minutes each time. it’s a real pain.

they have been really helpful and activated now the keep-alive function without limits. but that did not help.

what else to do? i really can’t tell my customer to move away from the hoster. we choose the hoster because of speed and features and the contract is brand new…

thanks a lot for your help! best wishes, kai

Hi there,

Thank you for the information. I checked the previous thread which you have linked to and tried to grasp as much as information I could.

Unfortunately, we also do not know why a single host may not work as expected, I wonder if the login information you gave us in the previous thread is from the Swiss hosting or the other one?

If I were you I would check the Visual Composer either to see if it is working ok on that hosting service or not. At least that will give an idea if the problem is specific to Cornerstone regarding the hosting or all builders.

The next test I would do is to ask the hosting service provider to remove the Cornerstone URLs from mod_security rules. That can be done by them. The URL will be something like this:


The information you shared regarding the Ajax is not unique to Cornerstone, many other preview based builders also make use of the WordPress Ajax system. Actually, the hosting changes and no change in the Cornerstone showed which that is not the issue.

I would like to test again the Cornerstone of your installation fo the new hosting and use my browser console network panel to check for details regarding the delay.

I checked the screenshot you shared and it shows no high CPU or memory usage, and that exactly shows there must be something else here which prevents the Cornerstone endpoint to load.

So you would please kindly get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your newly added installation of the new hosting using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case and give you a report which might be useful while contacting to the hosting service provider?

Also, I wonder if the hosting has a staging system which might be the problem origin of the site ground? Would you please kindly read the last section of the article below:

Thank you.

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