Convert Plus issue

I think the process with built-in plugins is a little flawed right now. I’m using Convertplus and linking that to MailChimp with Convertplus’ own plugin to go with it called ‘connects - MailChimp plugin’.

It’s really frustrating when there is an update to the MailChimp part of convertplus and I can’t use auto-update because I can’t license key/purchase code.

In order to update, I have to message brainstorm support and wait for a reply. Then explain the situation. They will then give me a link to the download page that usually isn’t up to date. After letting them know they then give me a direct link.

The issue I then have is that this new update is treated as a new plugin and not an update to the original one and I have to then deactivate the old one and delete it then reconfigure the new one.

It really would be great to be able to register convertplus so I can just use auto-update to the plugin.

Is there any way to do this because the current procedure to a plugin I get for free with X isn’t working very well.


Hi There,

Instead of requesting a new version from brainstorm, you can delete it from wp-content/plugins and re-install the extension, you won’t lose your changes because your settings are stored on database.

I will forward your issue as it is related to an addon of the addon plugin we might have been missing something.

Thank you

Hi Joao. Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t really help answer my questions.

I’d like to know how I can sort this so I don’t have to contact support because the version on their addon page isn’t as up to date as my WordPress is telling me. It also doesn’t allow me to set it to auto update because I can’t use a license code or registration key, which I would like to do so everything auto updates.


You need to update the theme manually through FTP.

Please see Manual Update section on the link beow.

After that you can try re-validating your license to enable automatic update.

Hope that helps.

My theme updates fine and is up to date. Why do I need to update the theme anyway?

Hi There,

We’re sorry for the confusion. Automatic updates for Convertplus Addon are only available with a license of Convertplus thus not available for X theme bundled Convertplus. To update Convertplus Addons, please try to deactivate the Addon then Delete it. Then reinstall it again via Convertplus Addons. This will give you the latest Addon Version. This is how it works by default for the bundled plugin. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you Lely for the clarification. I guess ConvertPlus for us is a hybrid of the full version and if we want to be able to update through wordpress automatically, we have to buy the plugin. A pity that this part of the functionality isn’t included.

I think Paul just didn’t read the previous posts before replying :wink:

Thanks again.

Thank you!