ConverPlus giving me some strange error message

Hi there so I’m building a demo pup-up and email capture that goes to my mail chimp account using converPlus, it’s on the following page:

When you get there try to enter a dummy email; and you will get the follow error message:


Pretty vague, I’ve read over a few threads on the X support forums and it appears that some people got it to work by rebuilding the content from the ground up. I’ve done that and it’s still broken. So I’m going to need some help plz.

I’m note sure how or where to start to fix this so I’m open to your suggestions. I’m also going to include some sign in info for you if you need to get inside the backend to check things out.

Thanks once again for the help X support team.


Ok so I’m not entirely sure what I did but it appears that the info on some level is being submitted. Cause when I enter a fake email, it’s saying thank you (my default thank you message). When I look over the connect it looks like the emails are being saved in the local connect info; but when I go into mail chimp to examine list I’m not seeing the dumy emails added to the list:

Thanks for the continued help!


Now I’m back to the orignal error message, I’m beyond confused on this one. Waiting for help, thanks.

Hi John,

Thanks for writing in!

The login details provided doesn’t seem to work so we can’t check n the backend.

I tried entering an email and the error is now different.

THERE WAS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR REQUEST. Administrator has been notified already!

Please make sure the listing name matches to the listing you have in your Mailchimp account. I see similar issues and it’s because they renamed or deleted the listing in their account.

Kindly review the links below and follow the steps provided


Thanks for writing back, I’ve fixed the above log in information so that should be able to get you inside the backend of the site.

I actually referenced the above walk-through to set up the convertPlug in the first place, and I felt like I was pretty attentive to say in lockstep with the instructions so I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong.

Could you please explain:
“Please make sure the listing name matches to the listing you have in your Mailchimp account.”

In a bit more detail, thank you.


Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! When you create a new campaign, you will be presented with a list which maybe the same as the list in Mailchimp.

Please make sure that you have selected the correct list. Please review the documentations again to properly setup MailChimp and Convertplus:

Hope this helps.

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