Consolidate fonts

I know you recently created a way to remove Google fonts. If I am using 1 Google font but there is a GET call for 3 would it be of any benefit to remove Google fonts in Options and then just add the single font family I use via a Google script or is it pretty close to even. Also there is Font Awsome. I stopped counting at 4 GET calls but only because I am impatient. I don’t believe I am using them and they are all from different sources. Is there a way to just block them all so I don’t have the request each time a page is loaded? And then there is dashicons and fontello and… all of these resources I am not using but the developer has provided. Is there a way to block them so they are not called on every page load?

Hi There @GeorgiaG

Thanks for writing in! You might be interested to have a look into our Performance article which might helps you to optimize your site even after loading number of fonts.

Also check if your web host supports HTTP/2 as you don’t need to concatenate (combine) files. Also I suggest you to go through the following resource for more information (


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