Conflict between Superfly and Slider Revolution

I have updated both plugins to the latest versions but unfortunately the superfly menu is no longer visible (or sometimes it appears, others disappear).
Launching the Chrome console an error is detected concerning the superfly-menu.js file.
If I try to disable Slider Revolution, everything works perfectly.
I think that doing a rollback of this plugin (which is now at version 6.1.2) I should solve, but how do I downgrade?

Hey @scenaryo,

We would like to check your setup so we could try replicating it in our test sites to determine if this is a bug. Please give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Admin Username and Password in a Secure Note


Thank you, I’m waiting for your response

Hi @scenaryo,

I made some testing on my site and found out there are incompatibility issue between Revslider 6.1.2 and Superfly 4.5.9.

On the initial message, you said you have update both plugin. But superfly is still version 4.5.9. Latest supported version is Superfly 5.0.7. I can confirm once I use the latest superfly version on my test site, superfly is working.

Since you have live site, would you mind setting up a staging site and updating Superfly there. See if it works as intended on your site.

I notice though that Superfly update is not showing on your site. It is still version 4.5.9 and on the update page, it’s not showing any info about this plugin update. Can you make sure that your server allows accessing to our servers? Another alternative is a manual update. Download the file on your themeforest accoun and installed it manually.

Hope this helps.

Hi Lely,
I did the manual update (now there is version 5.0.7) and apparently the problem was not solved.
Then I enabled the “USE NON-MINIFIED JS SCRIPT” item in the Superfly options and now it works (even if the graphics are a bit different from what they were before)

Sorry, me again.
I’m noticing that in super mobile the superfly burger button has disappeared … could it depend on this setting?

I solved via css by setting the z-index of the slider revolution to a lower value than that of the superfly :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted things out,


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Hi Scenario, I have the same issue. Can you please tell me how you edit the z-index via CSS?

I use this code:

rs-fullwidth-wrap {
z-index: 0 !important;

Thanks Scenaryo. However, that does not work here. Still no menu.

Mmm… I’m sorry, I solved that way …

Problem solved bij (manual!) update for Superfly to 5. Thanks for your replies.

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Glad it’s working now and thanks for sharing!

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