Condition Date only before and after

I’m using a custom looper for an event list where only the events with current or future dates should be displayed.

Condition “Expression datetime”:
{{dc:looper:field key=“event_start”}} ‘after’ {{dc:global:date}}

Unfortunately, the condition query at the date only offers me before and after! If i use after, it drops also dates with current date!!
I need something like >= in the condition query!

Hi @Regnalf,

Thanks for reaching out.
If you want to specify only the before or after date, I would suggest you use Query String and use the date_query, please go through the following article on it.

And also go through the following article by my colleague Kory to construct the query for the Query String while using the date_query.

Looper Query String: Featured Products

You can also check the following article on the date value.

Layouts/Loopers: How to display posts based on an ACF date picker?

Hope it helps.

The wp query solution is not helpful because the looper is created from a related post ACF. So the date question must be solved differently.

I will make this check in the looper itself now, but anyway:
If you have a date time condition there SHOULD be “before”, “after”, “today and before”, “today and after” and “today” in the condition query!!!

Hi @Regnalf,

Regretfully, there is no such option available in the Date option of Looper Provider. I suggest you again use the Query String instead.


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