Components not propagating into element picker


First, sorry for the one image with different screencaps, the forum wouldn’t let me upload more than one file.

I’ve created a component to test how they work. I believe Ive done everything correctly but it does not display as an element in the element panel.

Does anyone know why components would not propagate to the element panel?

I am currently using…
Wordpress 6.5.3
Pro 6.4.19

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Explaination of screenshots
middle left - The component viewed in Cornerstone
middle right - The component is in the components list
top left - The component listed in the templates as “rf: Sidebar Feature”
top right - The component doesn’t exist in the elements panel
bottom left - The component’s parameters JSON
bottom right - Cornerstone’s cache being cleared

If the component is a column or a cell it won’t show up in that list. If you CTRL click on the add an element area when you are in a Row (for a column) you’ll see your component show up in that list. That’s usually the disconnect at least when we’ve seen this come up. If that doesn’t help you might want to send us site credentials so we can check it out. Let us know if this helps.