Component parameters aren't working on chart aspect fields

I’ve been working on building out some component libraries for my site, and I was trying to create some chart components I can export into my design.

In the process, I discovered that my parameter values don’t appear to be populating properly when input into the chart’s Aspect => Width or Aspect => Height fields.

For instance, I created the following parameter JSON for my chart component:

  "title"		:	"Chart Title",
  "width"		: 	"750",
  "height"		: 	"500"

In the Aspect width and height fields, I input {{dc:p:width}} and {{dc:p:height}} respectively, but the chart appears to be returning square, and changing the values in my parameters don’t appear to change anything about the chart’s size. I’m wondering if perhaps this is a php datatype issue or some other “wiring” issue?

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I took a look at this. There seems to be a timing issue with parameters and some of the chart fields. Similar to that other one you had with the parent {{dc:author:name}}. I got further on both and I think we can get this fixed shortly after 6.4 or in that beta. Unfortunately the data types with integer in Cornerstone charts can’t use parameters right now.

Thanks for the update, @charlie! I’ll be looking forward to that update.

But am I correct that you’re saying the Cornerstone chart integer fields will be a bit further out than the next release?

Hey @bobbybosler,

You’re most welcome!

On the other hand, the Cornerstone chart integer field might be up after 6.4 or maybe part of the beta.

Thank you.

Yes we’re going to try to fix a couple of timing issues like this in the 6.4 beta or point release in 6.4 since we’re pretty close on that starting. I don’t think CS Charts will need to be updated based on what I saw though, it’s just a general looper and parameter issue there.

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