Completely missing the X menu on the left side (wordpress admin)


I’ve installed X Theme by uploading the file as described in x-documentation.pdf. After successful installation I was greeted by a page asking to enter the license code for activation. I entered the code, pressed enter, and saw a message along the lines of “verifying for “my website link”, validation success”. Something like that, so far so good.

When going to “appearance -> themes” I see the theme and I can go to the customizer as described on page 4 of x-documetation.pdf

However, the x-documentation.pdf pages 2-4 talk about X-addons, demos etc. The whole “X” menu I see in knowledge base articles is missing on the left side of our wp-admin menu.
. The best I have is an X like menu on the top bar, but it does not show the options “launch”, “overview” and such as described in this post I found

Did I miss any steps (perhaps not described or outdated in x-documentation.pdf)? My girl wants to try out the demos but we can’t find it and I think it’s probably because we’re missing this whole menu to start with.

The theme indicates being version 6.0.4 (appearance -> themes -> details), I recall seeing a version 3.4 mentioned somewhere as well but I can’t find that anymore. Wordpress is version 4.9.4

Looking forward to your reply


Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials

All the best!

I’ve added the secure note. I want to point out that when I added a new temporary user account I noticed the following warning
“This Cornerstone license is ​not validated​. Fix.”
Clicking Fix, brought me back to the page I previously activated the product on

Note that the “X” menu I used to have at the top bar (see screenshot first post) has now disappeared and has been replaced by a “Cornerstone” menu. Using the same registration code as previously used to activate now also doesn’t work anymore and says it’s an invalid license :thinking:

Hi there,

The X option is not available anymore because you have a different theme active on the site.

Kindly activate X and validate the theme installation.

Ok, I set the X theme to active again and the top bar “X” menu item reappeared. However, the left menu where we expect the X is still not there. Looking at my Account -> licenses (as suggested by your product activation link) shows it’s linked to the correct site.

Also note that the “This Cornerstone license is ​not validated​. Fix.” message I described above is no longer there so I’m assuming activation is back to normal.

This means we should be back at point 1 where we don’t have the “X” menu on the left as shown in this picture (taken form another users post)

ps: when can I post more than 1 picture in a thread? i’m trying to give as much information as possible but I get obstructed by the “you can only post 1 picture per post as a new user” limitation…

Hi there,

I have just logged in to your site an Anissa is still the active theme. We cannot change the theme ourselves because your site is a live site and there might be settings on your current setup that will be wiped out if we change the theme.

First, kindly make sure you have activated X so that we can check this issue further.

Thank you.


Sorry for the confusion. Apparently my girlfriend was actively using the site and disabled it because it was messing with her posts. She didn’t realise I was working with you on the support forums trying to fix it for her. I re-activated the theme and told her to not de-activate it for now. I’m also surprised to hear that you couldn’t change the theme as your account should also have administrator rights.

Hi There,

Upon testing, I can confirm that you’re experiencing a plugin conflict so that X menu is interfering with it (check secure note).

To check which plugin causing this issue, head over to your WordPress plugins section and check recently active plugins and activate them one by one.

Hope that helps.


It’s a step forward, thank you. I identified the conflicting plugin to be “Booking calendar” that can be found here

The question is; how can we identify on which side the error is? Or better, how to have them loaded side by side as she’d like to keep using the functionality provided by that plugin as well as the X theme functionality. thanks

Hi there,

It’s the plugin that causes it, the menu is simply registered by priority and positioning and can be overwritten by anyone. If you’ll compare the screenshot, the order in the menu is Dashboard then X, but with that plugin being active, it became Dashboard then Booking.

The one that gets overwritten is always the one that is added first. Hence, X do it first but overwritten by the plugin.


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