Column Stacking and Responsiveness

Hi X Team,

Please see this test site on mobile view…

The columns are not stacking correctly responsively. When I go to the customizer for each row/section to apply the column formatting template, it will not apply specifically for one view (example - 2 col set-up applies to ALL screen or 1 col setup to ALL screens) It will not allow for diversity for views. It does not behave this way on other test sites I’ve build. Theme, plug-ins and PHP on the server are all up to date. Can you please check…

Hi @bluetroop2,

Thank you for writing in, but can you clarify the issue?

Here is my test on this section, it is set to 2 columns on the smallest screens so its content looks squeeze.

But when I change that to 1 column template, it works just fine. So I don’t see the issue, can you clarify?

I think what you need is to get familiarize with the new Responsive Style feature, if so, please watch this tutorial.

How to Set Responsive Styles for Elements in Cornerstone


Thank you, I see how to do it now. I didn’t have to set up these layouts manually for different sized screens. X used to do this automatically. Did anything change?

Hello @bluetroop2,

Yes, on the latest version of the theme you can set the column layout of each breakpoint for that you need to go to the Cornerstone page builder —>Row —>Template—>Set the column layout for each breakpoint from here.


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