Collapsed header widget

Hi there,
I´m using pro.
Where can I enable the collapsed header widget?
I can not find it in the theme options.

And how can I change the font size of the text in the top header? Only with code?
Thanks so much and best regards

Hi Kerstin,

Thanks for reaching out.

The collapsible header widget is only applicable for standard header, if you’re on standard header then the collapsible widget option is located at Theme Options > Header > WIDGETBAR

I assume the top header you’re referring is the topbar, then yes, you can only change its size through CSS, example, you can add this to Theme Options > CSS

.x-topbar .p-info {
font-size: 20px;

If you wish a non-coded solution then I recommend utilizing the Pro’s custom header in which you can manage its content through the builder.


Perfect! Thanks so much!

You’re most welcome!

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