Collapse Menu On mobile does now work

I have a website with X theme and the mobile menu does not work or it is not displayed.
I can’t figure out why. I have tried from safari, google chrome from differents Iphone and it is the same issue.
It works properly from a computer, I have not tired from a Table as I don’t have one.
I have disabled the revolution slider on the homepage it is the same.
Pb appears on every page.

My website is and here is a screenshot from my phone:

Will you have any suggestions for me?

Hi There,

Upon testing, I can confirm that your issue because of your older version of X theme. You have updated Cornerstone plugin, but you haven’t updated X theme which cause this issue. You can refer to our update guide here (

Once you update your X theme, make sure to purge your server cache and browser cache before testing.

Hope that helps.


thanks a lot for your help. I will do that and let you know.

Thanks again,

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you.


it is all good thanks you so much.
What do you advice to clear the cache and deactivate the cache plugin? Is there a specific plugin or options I should use to do so?

Hi There,

That step is required, only if you’re using a caching plugin on your server or if you’re using a service like CloudFlare. Some hosts has options to clear cache through control panel.

If you’re not using a caching mechanism on your site, you can just clear your browser cache and test after updating your X theme.

If you require more information about how you can utilize caching mechanism on your site, please got through the following article on our knowledge base section (


Ok thanks,
I ll have a look.

Have a good one,

You’re welcome!

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