Code Highlighter plugin Recommendation

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using the Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter" plugin and just wanted to see what other people use on their sites.

So… Do you use any code highlighter? If yes, which one?


Hi All,

I’ve been working on a puzzler for a few hours now and have an update to this old post, I wanted to display code snippets on the front-end and have them styled and highlighted.

The only code syntax highlighter that I have found that works well is Prismatic by Jeff Starr.

You need to use the Highlighter.js and not Prism.js and it seems to work great with the classic code block in Pro, it also seems to work in a text block and the raw content block.

There is no need to wrap the code in any “pre” tags or [code] shortcodes etc just have the code in the block and it works and highlights.

I tried several others from the Wordpress plugin repository but they all seem to want you to have a Gutenberg block and I wanted to create my posts in Pro and not Gutenberg, I know this will cause a problem if I switch my site away from Pro but I don’t intend to so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Hope this info helps someone else who wants to display code snippets on the front-end of there site.