Click on ConvertPlug button to activate Modal in X

I have tried to find a solution for to be able to click on a ConvertPlug button, and then get a modal in X to open. I know how to use it the other way around, but not how a click on something other than the modals toggle can activate the modal.

Any ideas?


You can not activate the modal in X using the ConvertPlus. ConvertPlus is a separate plugin which has its own button and modal system. The modal in X is a shortcode which do not work with ConvertPlus.

If you are interested in learning the manual triggers of the modals in the ConvertPlus please read this article:

Thank you.

Hi @christopher.amirian

I am aware that there is no “integration” between ConvertPlug and a modal in X. So forget ConvertPlug. Rather I am asking if there is some way of activating a modal in X, other than clicking on the modals toggle? For example by clicking on an image, or a link on the same page, and then maybe just hide the modals toggle.


What X modal are you referring? It’s possible by calling the click event of the toggle, like


Though, I’m not really sure which element will trigger it, and what toggle. There is no integration as it’s not initially made for that. I recommend providing a sample URL that has this toggle and trigger button, I can provide a single line snippet that you could use and enhance. But please note that it’s just to help you get started, and we can’t provided all enhances and customization.


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