Classic Image Slider Not Working in Editor after Update

Hey Guys,

Since the new update, the classic image slider is no longer showing any sort of preview which makes it hard for my users to use the slider appropriately.

Is there a fix in the works for this as there were no changes and everything was working fine prior to the update.

Let me know

This is for PRO

Hi @EliteWebscapes,

Thanks for reaching out.

The previews for sliders are intentionally disabled, please check this,

Though, this shouldn’t affect the rendering on the front, and the preview is replaced by message that an empty element.


The articles you shared are mentioning Third Party Sliders (IE Rev Slider ect)… I’m talking about the cornerstone included one called “Classic Slider” . This is built into cornerstone and is not third party. Can you check to make sure you are understanding this issue as its only been an issue since the last update.

Hello @EliteWebscapes,

I have tested this out in my local installation and I can confirm that the classic Slider is not being rendered by Cornerstone. This must be a bug in the latest release. I’ve submitted this to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it. They’ll work on it and a patch will be release soon.

Please bear with us and Thank you for your understanding.

I have the same problem

Hi @alsax,

This issue was fixed in today’s update.


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