Classic Icon Fonts with URL

The shortcode method is clunky and outdated as way to use icon fonts. I read an older thread that said in V2 you would be possibly addressing this issue

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What do you mean classic fonts with URL? There is only classic icon element available as of currently, and it’s an element so you don’t have to use its shortcode counterpart. Would you mind providing the thread related to this issue? Maybe I could check its status from our issue tracker if it’s available.


Sorry I meant “Classic Icon” The post I referenced is here

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If you’ll be adding an icon inside a Text element, regretfully, you will need to use the Icon shortcode.

There V2 elements that has a Graphic Icon option so say if you want to add a button to a page, you don’t have to use a shortcode. You just enable the Graphic Icon and you can choose an icon from the element options.

If you could detail what you want to achieve then maybe we could provide the proper setup.


So I am am using a standalone “Classic Icon” outside of my text block. I have no field in the inspector to add a URL. Here is a link to the reference page

I see. The Classic Icon does not have a link option. You can replace it with a Button element. See

For complete details, please see the Button element’s documentation at


So basically I am stuck with using clunky short codes. I don’t want a button with corners and look like a button…LOL

I just wanted to use the icon and a clickable link

I’m sorry but I suggested the Button element because you can actually set it up to look like your screenshot. The video was just a guide so you could see the capability. You just need to know how to configure it that is why I posted the link to the Button’s documentation.

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