Classic card breakpoint and vertical alignment

I have four classic card elements in a 4-column row. Please let me know if the following are possible:

  1. A 2-column breakpoint between the extremes of 1-column and 4-column. Currently, the text on card 3 disappears just before the 4-col switches to 1-col.

  2. Make all cards the same height. These instructions didn’t work for me:

  3. Vertically align the text (top).

Hey @tamdstudio,

Those are all technically possible, however, custom development is required to achieve them which is outside the scope of our support. Please see our Terms

For this, I’d recommend that you use The Grid which comes bundled in X. That is because, you can achieve those 3 things that you need.

  1. You can set the columns per breakpoint:

  1. You can make all columns the same height using the Grid Grid Type

  1. Positioning of content within a grid item is possible by editing the skin.

There are also plenty of effects to choose from. Here are some examples.

If you wish to continue with custom development, regretfully, you would need to consult with a third party developer.


Many thanks. I totally understand.

Are you able to say how the breakpoint can be moved/raised so the switch to 1-col happens before my text disappears?

Hi @tamdstudio,

It should be in the first screenshot. The columns for each browser width (breakpoints). Though, I’m not sure what you mean by before text disappears. Are you saying that you wish to control the visibility of the layers based on screen width? If yes, then it’s not currently possible.


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