Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese with Pro theme


We’re in the process of creating a Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese language websites using the pro theme.
It is critical for us to understand if the pro theme (and all its aspects) will support the Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese languages. Few examples would be:

  1. Using Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese in the header/footer builder.
  2. Using Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese at the content itself.
  3. Using Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese in the menu editor and presenting the menu through the header/footer builder.
  4. Using Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese with the WPBakery plugin and its add-ons/extensions.
  5. Using Chinese (Mandarin) & Japanese with the Essential Grid.


Hi Amir,

Thanks for reaching out.

Everything should work with Mandarin as long as the strings are translatable. I’ll answer it according to the list

  1. Yes, it should work and I recommend using WPML plugin for translation
  2. This isn’t theme or plugin related, but the capability of the translation plugin that you’ll be using. Again, I recommend WPML plugin for translation. It works well with the cornerstone builder.
  3. WPML plugin has menu syncing capability, you could use that. OR, simply create multiple menus and assign them to each header/footer of its language equivalent
  4. WPBakery plugin and translatable and works well with WPML. But I’m not sure about the addons, they aren’t bundled to the theme.
  5. It depends on what you’re displaying. If you’re displaying the list/items of posts then it should automatically reflect to the translations you made to each post. But if you’re creating a custom grid, then you can simply duplicate that grid and use each to their corresponding language. Example, use grid 1 to hello world English post, and grid 2 to hello world Mandarin post.

Let us know if you have further questions about the translation :slight_smile:

And please check this as well


Thanks Rad, I will try to better clarify my previous points. We are not translating a current environment into more languages, we’re creating new sites, in Chinese & Japanese. The backend will still be in English, only frontend will be displayed in these languages. Taking that into consideration, do you still suggest to use WPML? If so, I’m not sure I understand why.
Thanks again!

Hey Amir,

I just tested pasting Chinese and Japanese text in the Header, Content and Footer builders and they work just fine. There’s also no problem with regards to layout that I see because Chinese and Japanese are not RTL languages.

If you want to write in RTL though, you will need to manually write and lay things out in reverse because WordPress does not consider Chinese and Japanese text as RTL.

What you need to look out for is your WordPress character encoding because the database might not save certain characters or convert them to another character if there’s incompatibility. Generally, you’d want to use UTF-8.

If this does not answer your question, would you mind elaborating what kind of theme support you’re looking for?


Thanks for the detailed response! that is sufficient for now!
Best Regards!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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