Changing the look of a customize site

I new to this forum and to the X theme. And I’m not very technical. I recently purchased X Theme to make a blog site on the WordPress platform. Over the weekend I got X Theme installed on my hosting account with Deno content. But when I was at work today my roommate had a friend add pages to my site and customize it. I do not like what they at all.

Is there a way to remove what they did to my site and pick a Demo theme and add my own content? Now I do have a Child Theme. So is there a way to change what they did without having to buy another copy of X theme? I know my friend was just trying to help me. Now when I went to my WordPress Cpanel and clicked on Themes all I saw was the Integeterity theme. Should there not be other themes? Or a way to get back to the Intagerity demo theme with it costing me more money? I am just in the building stages of my blog site. I do not have content in place yet. Just bought X Theme form Theme forest November 23rd. Please help.

Hi James,

You can start from scratch by installing this plugin and reset your site.

After you reser, validate again and load the demo that you like

Hope that helps

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