Changing the headlines typography in Ethos


I’m using the Ethos 3 Theme.
I’m struggeling a bit with the headlines (h1, h2, h3,…)

I cant change the typography. I cant find any options to change it.

My ptoblem is, that I want to change the Font (into Arial), the size, and as most important, I want to get rid of the CAPS-LOCK font.

At the moment, there are two options what I can do. Using the Element “Headlines”, I cant change anything. It’s a global classification somewhere in the css, but I cand find anything. Even the options are not available to change anything.

The other option I have is, to use the Element “Classic Headline”. Here I can change the Font, and there is no more CAPS_LOCK. But the problem is, this element is not global anymore. So I have to edit everything on every single page… Which is exhausting.

How can I change the global stylesheet?

Btw, my website is not online yet. I’m working right now at my localhost. To set everything up first. Otherwise I got a not working website for weeks on the internet.
So I cant give you permission at the moment to my webaccount.

Thank you

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for writing in! Please follow our knowledge base article on how to utilize font manager (

Here’s a detailed video walk-through that you can follow (

Hope that helps.


thank you for the links. But it desn’t help in any way.
It just explain, how to manage the basic fonts. But it doesn’t explain where I can edit the size, style, etc. of each H1, H2, H3.

I made a seperate page as you can see with different headlines.

The left collum I used the the “new” Headline Element.
In the right collum I used the “classic custom headline”.
I gave every row a different headline code.
As you see in the left collum it works with the size. But the Fond and the Caps-Lock doesnt change.
In the right collum only the Font is working. But the size and style doesnt change.
In the right collum I have to pick every single Headline and adjust every word by myself. Which is exhausting

In the Font manager I set up my own Font. But ther you can only choose the font and edit regular or bold…

I would be happy with the right collum, but I need to change the font and the style. In the Inspector, I cant find anything to change it.

What do I have to do?

Thank you


Hi Evelyn,

The font setting in Typography applies to regular headlines and even for default headlines. One example are classic headlines. But, with v2 Headline like on the left, you have to configure it. There is no stylesheet for that element since the CSS is generated from its own setting which is set by you.

Please set your headline setting first (finalize it) then save it as a preset

Then make that preset global or active by default ad next time you add a headline, it will use the same setting from your preset. Please go to Theme Option > Template Manager and follow this

The preset only apply to the newly added headline elements, because existing one already its setting saved to the database.

Hope this helps.

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