Changing text format on quote block?

Good morning.

  1. How do I change the text format on quote element?

  2. And how do I insert the quotation marks I see in examples?


Hey Jordan,

Your site’s currently not available. Please check.

Here’s a quick demo for your questions:

For complete details, please read the Quote element documentation at

Hope that helps.

Perfect! Thank you so much.

Darn it. Something is up with my editing site wide.

Ok, I’m going to share an image of what I am getting.

I’ve been having a devil of a time doing any formatting since upgrading to the new version of x-theme. All my more detailed editing options are not longer available.

Here is what I mean. See that I only can edit color of font, and font size. Not type. No opening graphic set up, opening graphic margin or icon set up.

I’m also unable to do edits of important things in other elements, such as borders.

This is a site wide issue, of not being able to edit fully now.

Hey Jordan,

It’s because Advanced Mode was disabled in your site. Or, if it’s a new site, Advanced Mode is disabled by default.

You can enable it by clicking the Gear icon in the builder and go to the Preferences tab. You can then enable Advanced Mode and you’ll see the complete options of the elements.

Another way to enable Advanced Mode is going to X > Settings > User Preferences and selecting Always On.

The page builder getting stack is another issue and I recommend first that you try the solutions suggested in this post: If nothing helps, please open a separate thread for it because threads with mixed topics often gets confusing which results to longer back and forth causing frustration.

It would also be best if you could give us a screen recording of the issue so we have an idea of what’s happening.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you.

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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