Changing menu color on hover

When there is a submenu on my menu bar and I hover the menu item to display the submenu, the menu item disappears. I’m assuming that the hover color for my menu item is white, but I don’t see where to change it in Theme Options. Will you please tell me where the setting is to change the hover color when there is a submenu?

Hello @eutaw,

Thanks for writing in! There is no issue with your submenu. The problem is that the header were not properly set up. I went ahead and logged in to your site. I was able to fix the issue by changing the navbar top height to the actual height of your navbar which is 160 pixels. I have changed it in X > Theme Options > Headers > Navbar.

Please check your site now.

Thank you. Should the navbar top height always = the actual height of the navbar? Is this explained in documentation?

Hello @eutaw,

Yes the navbar top height must be equal to the actual height of the navbar. If you want it to be smaller, then you will need to adjust the Navbar Top Link Spacing in X > Theme Options > Header > Links - Alignment so that the submenu will not overlap with the parent menu items.

This was not properly explained in the knowledge base article:

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

You’re welcome!

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