Changing layout of classic elements


I am working on staging site,


And using Classic Element, to show blog posts on the home page. however I need to change the style to the following:

featured image is on the left and on the right title with short description and link to detail page.


Hi @funkweb,

To achieve that with recent post classic element, you might need some customization using the child theme. There’s an alternative though where you have total control like Essential Grid and The Grid. There are different skins available. Easy to build. You can also choose the data you want to show.

If you insist on using recent post element, first we need to add excerpt. Please follow this thread as guide. After that, you might need to use the shortcode to add it on the page. [x_recent_posts show_excerpt="true" count="4" orientation="vertical"]
Then on the page custom CSS, add the following too:

.home .x-recent-posts .x-recent-posts-img {
    padding-bottom: 30.25%; /*Adjust this for your preferred image height*/
    width: 30%; /*Adjust this for your preferred image width*/
    margin-right: 30px;
    float: left;

Hope this helps.

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