Changing domain names

Hi. I want to change the domain name associated with my ThemeCo PRO site. How do I do that? The previous articles I’ve read aren’t clear enough for me. What I want to do is change to the new domain:

Can you help me?

Hey There,

You will need to point the DNS to our server -> Same A record as with and once that’s done I can do a rename of the domain and then everything should be set.

Is this the correct A record to use: ?

I updated the A record inside GoDaddy. See screenshot. Is that all I need to do?

Hey There,

You should be all set.

Perfect! Thank you.

Hi @jhayles,

You are most welcome.

Actually, how do I log in now? It won’t take my login credentials…

Shouldn’t this information be changed to the new site name?

Hey There,

Credentials should be the same as the old site. The only thing changed is the URL. Can you confirm? Otherwise we can do a hard reset of all passwords but that would be very unusual.

It’s working now. Thank you!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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