Changing a license to an other domain


I used a temporary domain-address to build my homepage ( Now I have the definite address ( When I log in to Wordpress I get the message that my license of X is not validated. I tried to validate it on my apex account, I wrote the right address of the site to the license, but I still get the message that my license is not validated.

What else can I do?

Thank you


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! You should be able to update Cornerstone if you have X license validated.
Please do the following:
1] Please go to X > Home and revoke the validation.If you haven´t registered skip to step 2.
2] Please login to your account and revoke the license.
3] After you have revoke the license, you need to re assign the license again to your site using this url: You have to make sure that url you just assign is the same as the one you have in your settings, Settings > General > Site Address
4] Go back to X > Home again, and insert the license again.

If still doesn’t work, please update Cornerstone manually by uploading it to ftp. Please check our our knowledge base to know how:

Hope this helps.

Sorry, I do not understand. You write "Please go to X > Home and revoke the validation.
I have no idea what you mean. The link “” does not work.
Can you explain again what I can do?

Hey There,

In apex you can click on Account > Licenses to manage and unvalidate your sites.

In apex I go to my account, to Licenses, then I delete the name of the site, then I log out. When I log in next day I write the address of the site and I log out. When I go to my site I still see that "this X license is not validated. Can you please manually change the license from “” to “”? Thank you.

Hi there,

I reset the licenses, now would you please kindly go to and redo the validation process as mentioned below:

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

You are welcome!