Change woocart icon PRO

How can i use another icon or image into the pro header instead of the circle with basket ( default icon/image ) thanks

Hello There,

You can always customize the cart toggle icon. Simply click the element and find the icon selector in the settings.

If you do not want a circle and would prefer a square, please find the design tab and set the border radius to 0. You can even remove the border or shadows especially if you would only want to display just the icon.

Hope this helps.

thank you , but i wish to use my own image ? how can i use it ? which are the recommended dimensions and format ? thanks

Hello There,

In the Graphic setup, find the type option and enable the image instead. You will have the image uploader in the next section. You may upload *jpg or *.png with at least 90x90 or decent enough to display in the header.

Hope this helps.

  1. hi thank you it works . But how can i cover the white area of the woo cart . I have uploaded an image but the image is down respect the woocart area and appears a white area . How can i put my image higher in order to eliminate such area and make it better ( more simetric ) thanks !

  2. How can i avoid this strange effect where part of the image is cut .The image is a perfect circle so i do not understand why it appears like that ?

Hi Borislav,

You need to check the other sections of the element options and make sure that there is no border radius as you already have a circle image. Also, you need to set the width and height of the cart correctly which again you have proper options for that:

Also, I do suggest that you remove the main background of the element in the options just below the width which will remove that background also you can remove the box shadow as mentioned in the screenshot above.

Please consider that you have a full control over the cart element and I urge you to take more time and play with the options and learn about different elements and their respective options and the general Pro Header Builder by checking the articles listed in our Knowledgebase.

Thank you.

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