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Good evening, I write because I have a problem with a license.

Good evening, I write you because I have a problem with a license. I registered a copy of X theme with the code 66B5FC00-7768-43EA-8A01-1CD56991D1E0 in a test URL and when moving the Web to the definitive server will not let me register because it says that the registration code is already being used. I would like to know how can I fix this because I don´t remember if i create an account in Themeco for this license. Thank you very much in advance

Hi There @edo

Thanks for writing in! You need to head over to your Themeco account’s license page, then click on the edit pencil icon and then you can change your site URL, so that you should be able to validate the site after migration.

Please check our product validation guide for more information (

If you’re still having issues, please provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check your issue further.


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