Change Profile details


My school needs me to change the profile details so that another email address can access our account.

Can you please change the email from to, the username needs to be hnmcsweb and the first name needs to be HNMCS, and the last name Web

Please let me know if this can be done.


Andy MacLeod

Hey There,

The easiest thing would be if we release the purchase code so you can sign up a new account. Let me know if that’s fine with you.

That would be fine. I imagine that once you release the code this account will no longer be able to log in to support? Are you able to send an email to to confirm when this is done?

Hi there,

Your account will be available and we will inform you here as a reply as soon as we release the Purchase Key. After that your client can create a new account using the Purchase Key and follow the Validation Process:

Thank you.

Thank you. I await notification of release of the purchase key.

You’re all set!

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