Change license to another website

I have a X theme licence with a website but i would like to use another number of my licenses . What i should do in order to change them ? i mean
I have 2 licenses

  1. a domain with number 987498
  2. b domain with number 1111111

How can i change them in order to move the b domain to 987498 and put the license 111111 to the a domain without breaking the websites. I must change the license number into the wordpress firstly or i must change firstly the domains that are in relation to them .

Hello @Borislav.VD,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. Licence change: First you need to first revoke the licence under X > Validation > Revoke Licence. After that in your licence manager, you need to interchange the website URL.
  2. Upgrade to Pro Theme: If it’s working in X Theme, your existing setup should work in Pro Theme as-well.

I also suggest you to please take a look at our product validation and KB articles to learn more about validation and Pro Theme:


after changing the nº of the licence , everything would be fine isnot it ? I mean i must not change anything

Yes, revoking the licenses on their related sites first, then reassigning the domains again in license manager should be fine.

The plugin you are using in the footer with Visual Composer should be working fine if you upgraded to Pro, however, I recommend testing that on a staging server first.


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