Change Icon on "date fields selection

Hi. Can I change this icon? I don’t know if it theme based, but I have to start ask somewhere =)

The plugin I am using for the date picker is RnB Woocommerce booking.
Thanks in advance.

Look attached image.

Hi there,

As it is a third party plugin, I can’t say for certain how you can change the calendar icon because it could be that an image is used for the icon or an icon file.

It would be best to get in touch with the plugin developer for this.

In case that you are not able to figure it out, please provide us with the link to your site and the admin details in a Secure Note (key icon below your replies )if you have a coming soon page active so that we can provide some suggestions.


Do I just choose “hide detail”, so only you can see the login?

Hello @darkfashion,

Please share the credentials using secure note feature.


cool. did it on previous message =) thanks!


To change the icon, you can add the code below in your child theme's style.css

.single-product .pick-up-date-picker .fa-calendar:before {
    content: "\f073";

Change \f073 with the unicode of the icon that you like

Hope that helps.

OK, I don’t use a child theme. =(

I tried paste it on the theme options css->global but it didn’t helped.

EDIT: I saved :wink:
What happened is that I changed the icon of the bar( välj datum)… not on the mouse.

Hi there,

Oh thanks for clarifying. Please remove the previously suggested code as that will target the icon in the textbox.

To change the cursoe as you click on the fields, please use this code:

input[disabled], select[disabled], textarea[disabled], 
input[readonly], select[readonly], textarea[readonly] {
    cursor: pointer;

You may change the value of the in the code. Please check this link for the cursor values:

Hope this helps.

That did it!!! =) awesome! Thanks!

And while I have you here… How can I change the word “items”?

I have put the loco translations plugin, but it don’t help. Or is it a woocommerce thing?

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Hi darkfashion,

I have checked this string and I’m sure it’s there in /x/framework/lang/x.pot language file, so you should just follow this guide to translate it:



Hello There,

For the remaining issue, please go to Loco Translate > Themes and select x.pot. You will need to search for this two items: %d Item and %d Items.

Hope this helps.

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I can’t get it to change. I ve try to change every “item” on loco. I have try with both “%d Item and %d Items.”

I want item to become objekt

Hi @darkfashion

I created the language template for you, also I’ve translated %d Item to be %d Objekt as a singular string and %d Objekts as plural, please recheck and let me know how it goes.


Alaa! You the king!

although in Swedish language its plural: objekt =)

Tell me why to look for and I can change it myself. Im curious where you did it =)

You are welcome, please check the video screencast in the Secure Note below.

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