Change font on specific pages


If i want to change the font on specific pages, post what do i do then?

Hi there,

We can add a custom CSS for this.

Kindly provide the site URL so that we can check it.

Thank you.

Hello @hrohibil,

Thanks for sharing website URL. Please add following CSS to change font:

article#post-1574 .entry-content.content h1 {
    font-family: "Raleway",sans-serif;

article#post-1574 .entry-content.content p {font-family: "Raleway",sans-serif;}

Please change font family as per your requirement.


Can i use this teckniuqe on whichever page or post i want as long as i change the number?
Why does the theme overide everything, dont understand why wordpress dont have build in the font changer ans size

Hi There,

Yes, you can use that technique, you can refer here on how to locate post/page ID.

Sorry but I am not entirely certain about your second question. Themes create the design and functionality of your WordPress site. Each Theme is different, offering many choices for site owners to instantly change their website look.

In X and PRO you have the options to change the font-family and font-size under Theme Options > Typography.

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Hi @friech on our X theme I do not see Font Family, I’m using Demo content Wedding Theme, how do I see and change the Font family as I can only see size and spacing settings and a switch with ‘Enable Font Manager’ in Typography ?

Hi @friech

The following CSS allows me to change fonts. Although I’m not sure how to change to another Google font.

article#post-261 .entry-content.content h2{
font-family: “Simonetta”,serif;

Currently the font-family is Vidaloka another Google font was hoping I could change it to “Simonetta” just like this or “Rochester” or is there more to it ?

My dev page

There is a class on the custom headings whats the CSS for this I tried below.

.h-section man {
font-family: “Rochester”,sans-serif;

Hi There,

Font family is the name of the font, the option that I am referring on Theme Options > Typography is the BODY FONT and HEADINGS FONT. But I guess you can not use that settings on this case since you want an specific font on a specific element.

Please follow my instruction here instead on how you can add and use a specific Google font.

Hope it helps,