Change font color of classic text

I’m trying to change the color of a font from black to something lighter. The text is just inside a classic raw content box, nothing else. I was able to change its size by adding “font-size: 25 px;” to the “Style” field. But no codes that I find for changing text color works. (I am not a developer or anything like it. I have to Google everything.) I’m trying to change the text inside the dark blue row with an orange border on this page: If you give me some sort of code to enter, please let me know also where to enter it. Thank you.

Hi there,

Please add

 color: white;

in the style field of your text/heading element

Let me know how that goes.


Thanks for help @mickster58 :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I had deleted the text and left it blank. So I had to recreate the classic text box in order to try and learn this. But when I created the new classic text box, I was able to change the font color using the WP-like menu that pops up when I typed in text. But the element/column of text I’d be using prior to deleting it was NOT like that. It was just the box with the ID, Class, and Style boxes, nothing else. I am discovering there are many twists and turns, and nooks and crannies and doorways involved in Cornerstone that make even a simple text edit a multi-layered adventure. I never know what I’ll get. But I suppose I’ve learned now to just delete and start over if something won’t work :slight_smile: Thank you again for your speedy response, and I’m sure I’ll need the info in the future

You’re welcome, Leah. For code-less styling, I’d recommend that you use the new Text element or new elements in general. If you need more control however, you can find more CSS text properties here. I’d also recommend that you check out our Knowledge Base for more usage tutorials.


I can’t use the new text element because it won’t accept any new text I add to it. It just keeps the “Input text here …” text even after I delete it and put something new in it. My copy of X/Cornerstone is buggy as all hell I think. I would love to use the next text element though :frowning:

Or maybe you just can’t add text under an image?? I tried to put classic text under an image and that was a no-go as well. I’d like to be able to put text under an image. What gives?

Nevermind — nothing in my Cornerstone is working right. I have another ticket open trying to deal with this, but this text stuff is just yet another symptom of an entire program that is not working right for me.

Also, your tutorials in Knowledgebase are generally too difficult for me to follow. For one, they seem to be discussing a multitude of versions of themes and I can’t tell what applies to me and what doesn’t.

Hey Leah,

In that case, we need to fix Cornerstone in your site first. You said you have another thread open for it. We’ll solve it from there. Issues mostly does not come from Cornerstone itself but third party factors such as caching, optimizations, hosting limitations, customizations and plugins / scripts conflict.

Regarding our Knowledge Base, I’m sorry but yes, some of the parts are not yet updated. But, they are still relevant because only the interface has changed.

As for this thread, is everything ok for this topic?


Yes I got a detailed response to my other thread. As I said in that thread, the real problem is that I got a theme that is beyond my capabilities to use. :frowning: I’ve learned what I feel like is quite a lot but still obviously it’s not enough and I do not have hours and hours to slog through tutorials. I just try to deal with issues as they arise because that’s all I have time to do. Anyway, thank you for your response. We’re all good here.

You’re welcome, Leah.

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