Change colour in body of page

Hello. Please can you tell me how to change the colour of my pages. You will see at my site that the background is one colour and the pages are all white. I would like to be able to make the pages match the background. Thank you. Joanna

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You can use this CSS to change the background of the pages. Add this to your Theme Option -> Global CSS

.entry-wrap {
 background-color: #ccc; /* Please change this code with your color code*/

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Thanks so much. That worked. My first use of CSS!! Can you tell me what I would do if I wanted the body of each page a different colour rather than every page the same colour.

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Thanks for writing in! Please follow the example below to add different colors on each pages.

.home .entry-wrap {
 background-color: #ccc;
.page-id-1684 .entry-wrap {
 background-color: #336699;

To locate Page/Post IDs, please refer to the following guide (

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