Change back to a classic row


I am stuggling with the new cornerstone row and the old classic row. The thing is that i was using a demo theme and started to work from there further. The demo theme contains classic rows and sections wich i really find easy. So i used them and i used some: Hide based on device.

The problem is that the rows changes to non classic and the whole function is gone.
What can i do?

Hi Reggierood,

The reason that you do not see the option is that you are in the simple mode. Please change the mode to advanced. Follow the steps mentioned here:

After that, you can click on the Customize tab and you will see the option in question. For more information:

If you insist on using the Classic Sections, you need to hold the ctrl (cmd) key and click on the Add section option in the layout to have a classic one. For more information:

Thank you.

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