Change Apex profile picture

Hello, how can I change the profile photo for Apex? (Background info: I created a site using the old X Theme back in Spring 2017 and used another email and my own personal photo, but now have to change ownership of the account.) With the launch of the new X Theme, I’m not sure I can do this myself. Please inform.

Hi Priscilla,

You can update your profile picture in Account > Profile > Preferences.

Hope this helps.

When I go to ‘Account > Profile’, there’s no where that says ‘Preferences’. Can you send me a screen capture of where I can find this please? Going to ‘Account > Dashboard > Account Info > Edit Account Info’ only allows you to edit your first & last name, username and email, but that’s it. It does not allow changing the profile photo.

Hi There,

Sorry for the confusion,

You need to go to Account > Profile > Admin.

Hope it helps

Old topic, but it seems that this option is not available anymore. Where can i change this today?

Hi @Janetschek,

The options are changed a bit, now you need to go to the Account > Dashboard and then click on the User Preference option as shown in the first screenshot, and then you can change the profile picture as shown in the second screenshot.

Hope it helps.

Actually i didn’t find the screen you’ve provided. But i found out that it is under:

And i couldn’t find any visual link that guides you to this preferences! Not in the user dashboard, not in the account!
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-28 um 16.15.04

Hi @Janetschek,

I found that you have already changed the profile image. I would suggest you go through the following screen-captured video, that might help.


No, the 3 big buttons “messages” “admin” and “dashboard” are not there. but the “preferences” menu item appears now in the lower navigation. i think that’s unlocked after i got my first badge.

Hi @Janetschek,

That’s great, please let us know if you have any further issues.