Cell alignment width on all screens

Team Themeco we need a little help with our first attempt at grids and cells please.

Currently, we have 3 grids and we managed to make all the cells align on all screen sizes except the bottom full-width cell which doesn’t seem to align to the width of the top cells on 2 of the 5 screen sizes and we can’t use the minimum width (like we did for the top grids) because the bottom one needs to span the full width on the larger screen sizes.

For sure we’ve missed something obvious - and we’re new to pro and working with a grid.
A little help, please. We’re hoping the width of the bottom blue cell can match the outside width of the two above, instead of overhanging, to match the first ss below.

Hello @Deesign,

Thanks for writing in! You have this issue because you have separated the last grid item using a separate grid element. Please edit your page and combine those cells in one single grid element only. You can always make the last row become wider.

To get more familiar with the Grid element, please check out this Youtube video first:

We also created a test grid for you. Kindly check out the secure note below.

Thank you @ruenel - this was exactly the help we needed.
Really appreciate the test grid :grin:

Hello @Deesign,

Glad that we were able to help you. Please feel free to reach us if you have any queries regarding our theme and theme settings.


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