Cart problems

Hello, some questions:

where can I change the colour from the cart button text to white?

I can´t delete products in the cart.

How can I translate the “Apply coupon button” into german. Didn´t find the string in the woocommerce plugin with locotranslate.

Any ideas? Thx!

Hi There @nikolaus.kemetner

Thanks for writing in!

1.You can add the following CSS rule into your X -> Theme Options -> CSS area.

.single_add_to_cart_button {
    color: #fff;

2.Could you please try disabling your 3rd party plugins to see if you’re experiencing a plugin conflict. If not, If you have an active child theme, try switching to your parent theme and see if you’re experiencing any issues with your child theme.

3.If you follow our translation guide here (, you should be able to locate those strings.



It didn´t work. FYI the button says “show cart” and the next is it says u can not add more of “xyz product” to the cart.

I also tried with !important


You can try this codes instead.

.woocommerce-error .button {

In case you want to learn css and how to customize your site using it.

Just note that you only need to use custom css if there are no settings available under Theme Options


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