Cart images got huge

Hey there, after some recent Pro update, when customer adds a product to the cart, the image is not a thumbnail any longer. So it gets huge, takes the screen and it’s not really working as it was before. Please click on the Info icon for any product, then add it to the shopping cart, and then look the cart icon on the right-top menu.

Thank you very much, I hope we can nail this one. Cheers!

Hey @fabiofava,

I checked your cart page and the image is small. Please clear your browser’s cache and test again. Also, try testing in the browser’s private or incognito mode.



Hey @christian thank you for your reply. Unfortunately not: these images are 4x the size they used to be. Please check it out:

And it gets ridiculous on mobile screen:

Before those images were cropped to a small sized ones, was classy. Now it’s not.

Hi @fabiofava,

Thank you for the clarification, yes the mini cart element does not look like that by default. There could be a CSS syntax error somewhere on your site. Did you add a custom CSS somewhere recently?

Please provide us login credentials on a “Secure Note” so we can take a closer look.


Helly @friech thank you for your reply.

No CSS was added to the site. It was working perfectly (small pics on mini-cart) until some of the recent updates on Pro. This is impossible since no CSS has changed since 1 year.

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for the login, I’ve checked some of the Elements CSS on your header, and found a lot of those are missing a semicolon (couple example on the secure note). This may just a small thing but it could really break an elements on your site.

Please fix all of this missing semicolon, and clear all your caching plugins/features after.


Could you fix that please? I’m not good on coding and I may miss others…
Question is: how does this affect the mini-cart image size? That’s the issue…

I’m fixing all those missing ; at the end of lines (before closing brackets on the next lines). But I’m not sure this is what is causing the images to be huge. The CSS was this way before and everything was working just fine. Please let me know if you need further access so I reset password and send again. Thanks.

Hi Fabio,

All of this element CSS are combined on the frontend, so one mistake their could affect the other. Please provide us login credentials again so we can do another round of test.


Hey @friech thanks for your reply. I’ve fixed all semicolon on all parts of the site, this may cause no more headaches. Anyway the images on mini-cart are still huge as I’ve expected. I’ll send you the credentials on the Secure Note below. Thanks!

Hey @fabiofava,

You are having this issue because you are using the legacy Cart Dropdown element. Please edit your header and remove this legacy element. Use the new Cart Dropdown element instead.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hey @ruenel thank you for your reply. I don’t know how to replace that. It uses a WPML Custom String for the translation, and I don’t know how to replace the element. Could you please send me some instructions? There are so many settings on that element, and I cannot find a way to replace it for the “new” one… Thanks!