Can't Unlock Key

Hi there,
Recently purchased a PRO license and activated it on

WordPress dashboard warned me that key wasn’t active. I tried re-entering
it and it said it had been entered elsewhere. I then tried unlocking from the
Apex dashboard.

This hasn’t affected it. Please advise.

Hi Chad,

Thank you for writing in, the status of the license that is assigned to that URL is set to unlock

Are you trying to transfer that license on a different account? If not, please lock it again (by clicking that key icon), then try to revalidate your site.

If you’re planning to transfer it, since that license is already unlocked, you can register that license to a different account.

Keep in mind that if you transfer that to a different account, it will automatically be gone from your current account

Product Validation

Hope it helps,

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Thanks for prompt response. Just trying to validate it on

You’re welcome, let us know how it goes,


It worked. Thank you!

Glad we could help,


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