Can't remove space under classic video player

Hi, I’m having trouble removing the blank space in between my Music and FAQ sections on my website homepage. On the website it manifests as a black margin/padding that interrupts the curve of the divider, and on Cornerstone same deal but it’s showing up as white. Must be something to do with the video player I think. How can I remove this space so the divider is not flattened.

Thank you!

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for writing in! Upon inspecting your site, I see that you have updated your Cornerstone plugin recently, but you’re still using an older version of X theme which creates incompatibility issues. You can check the latest version numbers from here ( and update your X theme accordingly ( Also update any outdated plugins and by following our latest X/Pro compatible version information here (

After updating your site, make sure to purge all cache (including server, browser and CDN) before testing.

Let us know how it goes.

Hi, I don’t see an option to update X Theme on the Dashboard, it just asks for my purchase code so that it can update automatically, which I’ve inserted multiple times but then it just goes to a blank page when I press enter.

Strangely, immediately after sending my last reply, available updates showed up in my dashboard. Looks like I need an update for both Cornerstone and X Theme. I tried updating both and I get an error message:

“An error occurred while updating X: Update package not available.”

Still unable to validate with purchase code as well.

Hi Jacob,

In that case, could you please download the latest version of X theme from your Enavato account and then update your X theme and Cornerstone plugin manually ( file can be located under x/framework/plugins/). You can refer to our manual update guide here (

Once you have the latest version of X theme and Cornerstone plugin installed, you should be able to validate your site as well (

In case if you’re getting validation issues, you need to make sure that your PHP cURL extension is enabled and functioning properly. Also refer to our troubleshooting guide here (


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