Can't register licence under my Apex account

Hi Guys, I have purchased 7 licenses through Envato market but it wont let me register one of them under my Apex account. I have validated the licenses to a site of my own but it doesn’t show up under “Manage your Licenses” in my Apex account. Not sure what I have done wrong.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! You must register the licenses to your Apex account first so that you can assigned it to your sites. Then you can validate the theme once the licenses were assigned to its respective domains. For more information about validate and how you can register the licenses code to your apex account, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Yes, I understand the validation process. My problem is I have a license that has been validated to my site but I can’t register it to my Apex account. I get this message when I try “Purchase code could not be added to user account: License already exists for this Envato Purchase Code”
I tried revoking the license from the site then registering it to my Apex account but still got the same message. If the license already exists shouldn’t it show up in my Apex account?
Thanks again

Hi There,

Please provide the purchase code so we can take a closer look.


Hi Joao,
I will send through the purchase code, just trying to work out how to send it in a private message.
Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

This license is already registered to another user account. This is why you cannot register it. If that other account belongs to you, you’ll need to log in to that separate account and remove the license from there, in order to register it in this account.


Hi Matt,
Oh, I may have somehow created 2 user accounts and it would have been before it changed to Apex. I can’t remember any other username or password to login or even when or how I set up the 2nd account.Is there any way I can prove the account is mine? The license is used for my site called and the account may have been set up in the name of Wall Wrap, but if I can give you any information you require as proof this license is mine, can it then be transferred to this account?
Thank You.

Hi Paul,

Sure, if you can send me the original purchase confirmation and possible email addresses that could have been used to set that up, then that would suffice.


Hi Matt,
Thank you for your help.
An email address that may have been used could have been or I also have and I really can’t remember what I did at the time. I have also attached the purchase certificate from Envato with the purchase details.
Thanks again for your help Matt, and congratulations on an fantastic product.
Regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your patience whilst I looked into this, and for the additional details you provided. I’ve now gone ahead and moved that license into your account. I also attached the URL to that license, although of course you are free to change that if you want.

Feel free to remove license info above.

Have a great day.

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your help and great service.